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An important part of routine service for your car, truck, or van is catching little problems before they become big problems. That’s why we give your vehicle a free safety & maintenance inspection every time you visit.* Our technicians examine:

  • Tires – tire pressure, tread depth
  • Brakes – pad/shoe thickness
  • Oil, fluids & filters – level, condition
  • Belts & hoses – tension, wear
  • Steering, suspension & alignment – function, condition
  • Windshield wiper blades – age, condition
  • Lights & signals – function
  • Battery – charge, terminals

Why It's Important

  • Safety. Your safety depends on your ability to steer, brake, and signal others.
  • Vehicle Life. Your vehicle will last longer with proper maintenance.
  • Economy. You get better gas mileage when you use the right oil, inflate your tires to the correct pressure, and keep your wheels in alignment.**
  • Performance. Your vehicle will handle better when you keep it in shape.

Request an appointment online today for a tire rotation & free safety inspection.  Same-day appointments are available.  We're open evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays.

* If you don't have time for a courtesy inspection, please let our store manager know.
**, the official U.S. government source for fuel economy information.
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