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Many engines need a “tune-up” at about 75,000 miles. A cleaning and tune-up of your fuel injection system and engine can revitalize your vehicle for many more miles of trouble free service. Vehicle tune-ups can also help restore power, performance, fuel economy, and reduce the incidence of faulty start-ups and harmful emissions.

So when it is time for a vehicle tune-up? Signs include:
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Less power and responsiveness
  • Drop off in fuel economy
  • Stalling, knocking, or rough idling
  • Difficult starts

Your Next Tune-Up Service

In the pre- fuel injection era, a mechanic would “tune” the engine by adjusting the ignition timing, idle speed, and air to fuel mixture. Today, your auto technician will inspect, and in some cases replace the air and fuel filters, the spark plugs, spark plug coils/wires, and the PCV valve.

Our technicians will also inspect and clean the fuel and air intake systems. At Mr. Tire, we use the Valvoline Performance System™ 3-Step Fuel and Air Intake Cleaning System to remove deposits from the entire fuel and air intake system. Depending on the engine design, some vehicles might need additional parts and service, including replacement of the distributor/distributor cap, rotors, points, and condensers.

Quality Service at Quality Prices

IToday’s engines are better built, more fuel efficient, and cleaner burning than ever before. When your car or truck needs a tune-up, bring it to the ASE certified pros at Mr. Tire with the knowledge and experience to do it right.

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